My background

I spent 10 years working as a software developer and technical lead for the John Lewis Partnership, a well-known department store and supermarket retailer in the UK. I worked on various projects in different areas of the business, including leading in-house custom builds and extensive work on the large-scale replatforming of their website.

After my second maternity leave I was ready for a new challenge, so I joined the innovative start-up consultancy AND Digital. I spent five years leading client engagements, managing teams and helping to scale the business from only 25 people to over 500.

During my time with AND Digital, I had the pleasure of working with a large range of different organisations, spanning retail, hospitality, travel and fintech. The largest organisation I worked with had a tech team of hundreds; the smallest organisation was only the twinkle in the eye of three entrepreneurs when I started working with them.

A sample of my engagements and experience:

  • Head of Engineering for a fintech startup, laying in place the technical, cultural and process foundations for this successful startup.
  • Engineering manager to multiple teams in a large hospitality company, delivering features while improving the agile processes, roadmap planning and deployment frequency for both teams.
  • Release manager for a department of 10 engineering teams, moving the department from quarterly to regular fortnightly deployments.
  • Agile coach and consultant for a large financial services company, helping them restructure to a product-centric delivery approach.

I keep my tech skills up to date and I happily turn my hand to any JavaScript coding, deployment pipeline construction, or tooling implementation when the chance arises. I'm a particularly big fan of code documentation tools and test automation, so you'll often find me noodling away on these areas.

I use a lot of coaching techniques in my engagements. In my experience, a coaching approach is the absolute best way to tackle the deeper-rooted issues that can trip a team or department up over and over again. My aim is always to create lasting change, rather than a temporary fix for pain points. In order for this to succeed, I rely on having access to and time from key people in your team or department - not always the most senior people, but often the people who are the busiest, most stressed, and hardest to get hold of.